American Indian Law

The attorneys of Stelzner, Winter, Warburton, Flores and Dawes, P.A. are well-versed in the nuances of American Indian law throughout the pueblos and tribal lands of New Mexico. We are fully licensed in the court of the Jicarilla Apache Nation and provide counsel to other nations and tribes as well.

We have successfully represented the rights of Native American clients in a variety of legal disputes including those pertaining to:

  • Public utilities
  • Construction
  • Breach of contract
  • Criminal defense

Civil Litigation

When legal disputes disrupt your business or personal life, you need a committed, knowledgeable attorney to advocate on your behalf and help you maintain your comfort and peace of mind. At Stelzner, Winter, Warburton, Flores and Dawes, P.A., our team of experienced litigators obtain real, measurable results for clients when other methods have failed. We work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for your unique case while always keeping costs to a minimum. When trial is not in the best interest of the client, we have a long track record of securing the dismissal or settlement of litigation matters in the early stages, preventing unnecessary expenditure of time and resources.

Stelzner, Winter, Warburton, Flores and Dawes, P.A. represents New Mexico businesses and individuals in litigation, arbitration and mediation. We can help you with all types of general civil litigation in state and federal courts, including:

  • Business litigation
  • Breach of contract
  • Property damage
  • Insurance claims
  • Construction litigation
  • Consumer litigation
  • Products liability

Employment Litigation

Stelzner, Winter, Warburton, Flores and Dawes, P.A. has strong record of defending employers in a variety of legal disputes, ranging from individual lawsuits to class and collective actions involving issues such as:

  • Employment discrimination
  • Wrongful discharge
  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Breach of contract

Our firm has also successfully prosecuted numerous suits against former employees who leave to compete, using a number of strategies and techniques to enforce restrictive covenants and breaches of fiduciary duties.

Collaboration is key as we work closely with each client, providing all pertinent facts, and developing a strategy that will achieve the best possible outcome for each case.  Always mindful of costs, we utilize our staff and resources appropriately to ensure clients receive maximum legal representation within a clearly-communicated budget.


Public Utility

Stelzner, Winter, Warburton, Flores and Dawes, P.A. has over 25 years of experience representing utility and non-utility parties before federal and state regulatory commissions and courts. The firm serves as the general counsel for large water/waste water in the state of New Mexico. Our attorneys also provide counsel during informal stakeholder procedures now commonly used by organized markets operated by regional transmission organizations.

Our firm has secured favorable outcomes in a wide array of disputes arising from the evolution of utilities markets. Whenever possible, our legal team facilitates alternative means of dispute resolution, including regulatory mediation.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance and other means of risk transference touch nearly every part of our personal and business lives. At Stelzner, Winter, Warburton, Flores and Dawes, P.A., we have built our reputation on providing the best legal counsel available for a broad range of insurance coverage issues. Our team helps to evaluate and improve insurance programs, while also guiding clients through the complexities of coverage disputes.

Our work has encompassed a full spectrum of coverage types, including:

  • Directors and officers’ liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • Fiduciary liability
  • Professional liability
  • Commercial general liability
  • Excess or umbrella liability

Our clients are individuals, private companies, public corporations, and governmental entities involved in a variety of industries. Insurers have also retained our attorneys to provide representation in litigated disputes.

We help each client determine the most effective strategy for their specific case, whether it be alternative dispute resolution, settlement, or trial. Our experienced attorneys have successfully litigated in state and federal trial and appellate courts throughout the country.

Local Government Law

Stelzner, Winter, Warburton, Flores and Dawes, P.A. is committed to maintaining fair and equitable voting districts for all constituents in the state of New Mexico. We provide counsel to legislative officials and elected bodies involved in redistricting plans. We work to ensure equal representation for all citizens and prevent gerrymandering.


When legal conflicts arise, litigation isn’t always necessary, and may not be the ideal solution. State and federal courts also increasingly require ADR before a case may be permitted for trial.

Clients value the many benefits provided by arbitration, mediation, and other means of resolving client disputes. Stelzner, Winter, Warburton, Flores and Dawes, P.A., attorneys are adept at using alternative dispute resolution methods that save client dollars and time and reduce the risk involved in jury trials. These confidential alternative dispute resolution methods use a neutral third party to facilitate a solution, and often produce cost-efficient and satisfying results. In addition, several Stelzner, Winter, Warburton, Flores and Dawes, P.A., attorneys are trained and experienced arbitrators and mediators.

  • Mediation of civil disputes, including multi-party matters
  • Binding and non-binding arbitration
  • Negotiation of settlements between parties
  • Collaborative divorce resolution
  • Mediation of all family law matters, including parental rights and responsibilities

Criminal Defense

Stelzner, Winter, Warburton, Flores and Dawes, P.A. attorneys assist clients concerned with or facing government enforcement or compliance activities that would lead to criminal charges. Our white collar criminal defense team always attempts to work constructively with government lawyers to resolve problems, but remains prepared to litigate aggressively when in the client’s best interest.

We represent corporations, businesses, and individual professionals in a variety of complex criminal, regulatory, and commercial cases, including:

  • Antitrust
  • Bank fraud
  • Commercial litigation
  • Corporate compliance programs
  • Crisis management
  • Environmental crimes
  • Internal investigations
  • Parallel criminal/civil proceedings
  • Professional licensing